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Performance of Coordination Division

Annual Performance Evaluation of REICs for F.Y.2018-19

In the all-India Video conference of REICs held on 25.02.2019, the Revenue Secretary had suggested ranking of REICs on performance so that a healthy competitive spirit can be developed.Accordingly, the Bureau has evaluated the performance of all REICs for the F.Y. 2018-19. The evaluation is based on the following parameters:

  • Number of meetings conducted [maximum Score = 5],
  • Attendance of Designated Members in the REIC meeting [maximum Score = 5],
  • Recommendation of SGs/Studies Conducted [maximum Score = 10],
  • Action taken to carry cases to closure [maximum Score = 5],
  • Additional Revenue Detected [maximum Score = 10],
  • Additional Revenue Realized [maximum Score = 5] and
  • Joint Action/Arrests [maximum Score = 10].

REIC-wise list of total points scored (out of maximum possible score of 50), prepared in descending order is as under:

Sr. NO. Name of the REICs Total Score (F.Y. 2018-19)
1 Chandigarh 32
2 New Delhi 23
3 Mumbai 23
4 Jaipur 22
5 Bhopal 21
6 Hyderabad 20
7 Ahmedabad 17
8 Madurai 17
9 Amritsar 16
10 Ranchi 15
11 Meerut 14
12 Patna 12
13 Vadodara 10
14 Allahabad 9
15 Bangalore 9
16 Chennai 9
17 Jodhpur 9
18 Bhubaneswar 8
19 Dehradun 8
20 Goa 8
21 Rajkot 8
22 Visakhapatnam 8
23 Nagpur 7
24 Raipur 7
25 Indore 6
26 Kolkata 6
27 Lucknow 6
28 Pune 6
29 Shillong 5
30 Kochi 4

Top 5 Best Performing REICs for Financial Year 2018-19

name of the top 5 reics

Convenors of the above REICs

Chandigarh - Director General of Income Tax (Inv.), Chandigarh
New Delhi  - Chief Commissioner of Customs, Delhi    
Mumbai     - Director General of Income Tax (Inv.), Mumbai    
Jaipur     - Director General of Income Tax (Inv), Jaipur        
Bhopal     - Chief Commissioner, CGST and Customs, Bhopal Zone, Bhopal
Hyderabad  - Principal Chief Commissioner of Customs & Central Tax,Hyderabad    

The FY-wise performance of REICs is as under-

Regional Economic Intelligence Councils (REICs) were setup for regional coordination among the Law Enforcement Agencies of Centre as well as State Government Authorities in the field of economic intelligence. There are 30 REICs spread over the country. The forum consists of designated officers from Income Tax Department and Customs & CGST, DRI, DGGI, NCB, ED, CBI, IB, RBI, local heads of the ROC, EOW of State Police and State Tax Authorities etc. The forum meets bimonthly and exchange information concerning economic aspects.The statistics pertaining to meetings and percentage participation ofdesignated members for the last four years is depicted by way of Tables 1 & 2 below:


Table 1


TAble 2

Information Exchange in REIC:

The violation of one law may lead to the violation of other laws too. Many of the cases involving economic crimes have interdepartmental ramifications and such cases needs immediate sharing among LEAs to curb economic offences in a comprehensive manner. The economic offenders are adopting new modus operandi and the LEAs concerned need to be apprised for taking appropriate action timely. The REIC forum has served the objective by sharing the information among other Members in the Forum which results in the increase in Revenue realization. 
The following TABLES  3 &4show information sharing and sponsoring of cases at REIC forum by member agencies and additional revenue detected and realized, respectively.The graph in Table 4 shows Additional Revenue Detected &Realized over 4 Financial Years2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19, as a result of sharing at various REIC fora. The additional revenue detected as a result of such sharing is manifold of actual revenue realized.


Table 3


TAble 4

Performance of COFEPOSA Wing

As on date, 41 detention orders have been issued in the Calendar Year, 2018 and out of which 31 have been executed. Writ-petitions have been filed in 34 cases in various High Courts and 10 matters are pending in SLP before Supreme Court; which are being defended.

Performance of EI Wing

Dissemination of intelligence and offence inputs among LEAs:

Intelligence inputs developed by the Bureau as well as received from other agencies were disseminated to the law enforcement agencies for further action. Due to persistent efforts on part of CIEB, and with the Information Sharing Protocol, formalized sharing by the LEAs and other intelligence agencies has grown exponentially. This FY 71% increase in dissemination of intelligence has been recorded.

Inputs shared by the Bureau:

In addition to the above, during current year, the growth in sharing of the information by the Bureau recorded increase of 251%. This includes for the first time bank frauds (FIRs) which were analyzed fromthe angle of other statutes and accordingly were disseminated to concerned LEAs. Further, cases related to violation of FT (D&R) Act have started being shared with the concerned Customs authorities and Regional Economic Intelligence Council (REIC) forums during current year. Development of intelligence inputs by the Bureau has also seen increase of 58% during the current FY.

Development of database

Feeding of economic offences data recorded growth of more than 300% during the current FY.